An unexpected gratuitous benefit.

What is Manna?

Manna is an unexpected gratuitous benefit. It is the world’s first currency designed to be distributed to everyone on earth using the principles of universal basic income.

Money evolved

Fast, transparent, and secure digital money built on blockchain technology.


Every person is eligible simply by proving they are a unique human being.


Automated distributions of the money supply distributed to all Manna participants.

What is Mannabase?

Mannabase is the hub for unexpected gratuitous benefits. A place to receive, spend, and share your Manna. From spring of 2018 to spring of 2020 we launched a beta version of Mannabase. Currently the site is in hibernation while we transition to a more expansive and scalable version.

Rethinking money.

Manna is the evolution of money. It derives its value from the shared values of compassion and connection for all humanity.