Hedge for Humanity

Making a hedge on the world's future.


Fortifying the Commons

No technology emerges from a vacuum: we are all equal inheritors of the vast wealth of past knowledge. It is time we acknowledge this simple truth and build a global inheritance of shared wealth for all of humanity. Technology can end scarcity and lift every human being out of poverty — but only if its ownership is shared widely.

Shared Prosperity

Imagine a world where everyone can share in the gains from new technology and automation. Our charitable mission is to make this new world possible: by curating a diverse portfolio and developing the necessary open-source infrastructure to distribute its profits as a universal human right.

Humanity Fund

Philanthropy Multiplied

We are creating the world’s first fund where dividends are distributed to every person on Earth.

A Pledge to Humanity

We challenge companies to pledge 1% or more to our fund, via a donation of corporate shares, equity, or profits, to help offset the human costs of innovation and automation. We challenge high-net-worth individuals and philanthropic institutions to pledge 1% or more by endowing our fund with the resources to help us acquire a diverse portfolio of digital assets, stocks, bonds, real estate, and more.

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Manna is the world’s first digital currency that is distributed as universal basic income (UBI). Since 2016, over $100,000 worth of Manna has been distributed to over 100,000 people around the world, as a social experiment in creating a global non-governmental UBI.

Blockchain for Social Good

Through the power of blockchain technology, value is sent to unique individuals around the world in seconds at near-zero marginal cost. Recipients can give and spend Manna using web-based wallets on a newly developing social network.

Learn more and sign up at: www.mannabase.com


BrightID is an open-source, decentralized social graph that provides individuals around the world — including undocumented persons — with a verified unique identity token for use in a wide variety of online applications.

Decentralized & Nonintrusive

Free from personal data and central control to preserve privacy and protect against fraud.

Learn more at: www.brightid.org


Dollar for everyone

Thanks to a $10,000 inaugural endowment by a generous donor, this program will provide $1 in USD-pegged digital currency to 10,000 people who have been verified as unique human beings. This will provide crucial data in rolling out BrightID’s open-source one-per-person identity system. It will also lay the groundwork for future developments of our social dividend program.

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