Borderless Basic Income

$100 a Month for a Year Basic Income Giveaway.

What is Hedge for Humanity?

Imagine a world where everyone can participate and share in a portion of the resources past and present, and the value creation of tomorrow. Hedge for Humanity’s charitable mission is to make this new world possible: by utilizing technology to develop and execute effective ways to fund and distribute value globally as a universal human right.

The innovative projects we are managing to achieve our goal:

Humanity Fund

The world’s first fund where dividends are distributed to every person on Earth.


A social identity network that proves uniqueness in the digital era.

Borderless Basic Income

A crowdfunded campaign to award one-year-long basic incomes to participants from around the world.


The world’s first digital currency that is distributed as universal basic income (UBI).

Bridging the gap
to a society of abundance.

Contribute today and help create a brighter, more abundant future for humanity.