Citizen’s Income Experiment

Citizen's Income Experiment

$100 a Month for a Year Basic Income Giveaway.

What is Citizen's Income Experiment?

The Citizen’s Income Experiment is a crowdfunded campaign to award one-year-long, $100/month basic incomes to random participants from around the world. Our goal is to raise awareness of the call for a global basic income; both by demonstrating its impact, as well as by testing out new financial technology that can make it a reality.

Global Citizen

We are all equal citizens of the Earth—regardless of our different nationalities, languages, ethnicities, and traditions.

Basic Income

A basic income is a periodic cash payment delivered individually to every human—no strings attached.

A Crucial Experiment

It is time to show the impact of a global basic income—and to test out the technology that can make it a reality.

How would $100 a month impact your life?

Want to contribute?

The Citizen’s Income Experiment is crowdfunded by people like you. If you have the means, please consider donating. You may allocate 100% of your contribution to be directly awarded to participants of the experiment.